Sunrise (Remix)

by Mark Brathwaite / Jessica Cho

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The Xitmuse produced track has been nicely remixed by Jessica Cho. A raw hip-hop track has been infused with dance and electro!

Jessica is a storied producer in her own right and is one half of the EDM production / performance duo CHOBO with Benjamin Boles.

The official release of this remix is scheduled for April 10th via Tunecore. Pre-order the track via Bandcamp today!


Chorus / Refrain:

Verse 1
From sun up to sun down, it’s the mack you know we got the crown
You want a drink let’s get another round
For my whole team I’m reppin now

This is the fall, put in the work then I hop in the car
You takin shots at me the shots you take don’t matter at all
Yeah, cuz I’m bulletproof and my whole team wolves we ain’t got nothing to lose, ugh ugh

Oh you can rap words fast? Well I’ma write these songs and I’ma get this cash, hell yeah
Woo! Yeah we on the rise, not just surivin we thrivin, this televised
See that pool I’m bout to dive in? See that bike? I’m bout to ride it
Yeah, cuz we the leaders of the new age, new prophets make profits boy, we celebrate

Verse 2
I am a leader in this new age, and all the world is a stage
I am a profit of the people now, they findin beauty in my soundwaves
They try to bring your boy down, but Lord knows it’s our time now
They try to take my golden crown, but Lord knows they can’t hold me down

I ask my whole conglomerate: do you know what time it is?
This the takeover , I ain’t Hova, but y’all will recognize when I’m sippin soda in that Range Rover
I mix the chords with some dissonance, this heaven sent
I’m preachin to the choir like I am a reverend
Ugh, so show me reverence, next time I step up on the mic again

My girl is so far away, still we livin faith today
We forget the wrongs of yesterday, we turnin to a new page
She had the confidence to overlook my past ways
Now that I’ve graduated yeah I know that class pays
Oh yeah, I’m hella faded, goin for mine that’s why I pound the pavement!

Chorus / Refrain:


released April 10, 2014
Composer, Lyricist: Mark Brathwaite
Producer: Mateo Palmisano aka Xitmuse
Co-Producer: Jessica Cho



all rights reserved


Mark Brathwaite Toronto, Ontario

Mark Brathwaite is a musical arist and actor. In 2013, he began working on his upcoming EP "Phoenix". The first two singles are "On The Rise" and "Rain". The next single is called "Sunrise". Recently, Mark opened for Machine Gun Kelly as part of his US / Canada tour. ... more

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